Website Style – How To Lay Out Your New Website


The layout of your website serves as a kind of map for visitors. Once they understand the site layout, they’ll know where to look for different kinds of content.

Creating a site layout can be divided into two main tasks

  • Laying out the general content areas
  • Laying out specific content within those areas.

Examples of these two tasks might include the following: deciding whether a sidebar will be on the left or right of the main content; and deciding what content belongs on the sidebar, how the content will be ordered, how it’s spaced, and so on.

The job of a designer is to make sure that both aspects of a website’s layout keep the visitor focused on what’s important.

You want people to concentrate on your message and specifically the visual web design and not on understanding radically new structures.

When you have only a few seconds to capture visitors’ attention you shouldn’t mess with what they’ve come to expect?

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