Mobile User Experience for Websites

mobile user experience

mobile user experienceIn our last post about mobile website design I wrote about the importance of having a mobile friendly website.  It is a given.  But having a pleasing user experience when people come to your website is very important also.  Your website design needs to pay attention to the following areas at a minimum.

  • Clear fonts that are visible without zooming or squinting.
  • Easy scrolling experience no complex clicking or moving around on the screeen
  • A one finger experience for the user e.g. They  can do most things with one finger as they move up and down.

A good user experience test that costs nothing is to get a friend to use your website with their mobile.  If they find it frustrating then you need to address this.

You don’t  want people leaving your website due to poor user experience (UX) on their mobiles.  Mopbile phone usage is exploding every day and it is where people do research, make purchases and possibly never use their desktops.  We are moving to an age where people who in the past may have bought a laptop to access the internet now just use their phoen.

With the larger iPhone X type screens and Samsung large format screens it is quite possible to do a large range of Internet activities for people who do not use a mobile for their day to day work.  You need to be aware of their experience on mobile and address all aspects of this experience.

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