Images and Website Design – What You Should Know

website design and use of images

website design and use of imagesImages are a powerful part of a website’s design, but that power should be used for good and not evil. Images in a design should complement the content of the site, not distract from it.

In all cases, one of the assumptions will be that the images add to the purpose and enhance the content by being relevant. The concern in this question is whether the images do that in a way that helps.

Keep both the quantity and the complexity of graphics in your design to a level that does not distract.

If your images are very detailed, you further increase the distraction factor.

One important criterion is your purpose and your content.

Image management and design can include taking away color ( a monotone is less distracting than full color), lowering opacity (an image at 40 percent is less distracting than 80 percent), or showing only a portion of a graphic,.Incorporating photos into your design is very important, in particular for quickly making clear your purpose and conveying the feel of the site.

Except for the home page, keep photos in the design as small as possible. If photos are too small, of course, visitors will be distracted by trying to make out what’s in the photo.
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